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Stimulating and Motivating Work Environment
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Importance of A Stimulating and Motivating Work Environment

It may be true that the main motivation for all employees including graduates is the height of their salary but a competitive salary alone is not enough to get the most out of them and increase the profits. Just as important is to create a stimulating and motivating work environment whilst ensuring you manage employees, to aid training of staff, especially for graduates who are highly enthusiastic about work and simply strive for challenges to be able to prove their skills, talents and abilities.

Happy People

A combination of a motivating work environment and healthy competition between the employees or collaborative and collegial atmosphere have been shown to be just as important as a competitive salary, if not even more so. With a motivated workforce, the management can count on:

Creativity and innovation. Employees who are shown that their work is appreciated and that their opinion matters are more likely to think about solutions that can help their company grow. A healthy competitive environment and stimulations for new solutions and inventions in the form of a raise, training, extra vacation days, etc. provide an additional motivation.

Higher productivity. Motivated workforce has been proven to be more productive.

Positive atmosphere. Workers who feel valued also feel better about themselves, while the atmosphere on the workplace is more positive. And it is no secret that workers who feel good on their workplace are also more productive and this is the best environment to work in for increased production. Ensure there is adequate office security for a safe working environment.

Staff retention. Retaining the best workers, especially the qualified ones is not an easy task especially for owners of small and medium sized companies. As already mentioned earlier, a competitive salary is the number one motivation for all workers but if the workplace is not providing enough excitement or if the atmosphere in the company is negative or even hostile, the salary will not retain the best employees. A stimulating and motivating work environment, on the other hand, will help retain most workers even if they could find a better paid job. And retaining the best employees is highly important because they are not inexpensive to train and because they contribute to the company’s growth the most.

Good reputation. Workers who feel good on their workplace spread the word and help create a good reputation both among the customers and other workers. And having a good reputation is very helpful when looking for new workers, especially highly qualified ones who are particularly challenging to find.

Higher profits and company growth. A motivated workforce is more innovative, productive and loyal which helps increase the profits.

There are many ways to create a stimulating and motivating work environment, while the key is to make sure that the staff feels appreciated, to communicate with the employees, encourage them to express their opinion, stimulate positive competition or promote team work and motivate creativity/innovation with some sort of benefits or rewards. Just as important is that the leadership of the company follows its rules because the staff is more motivated if they respect their leaders. And their respect can be won only by consistency, fairness and openness.