Is Tutoring Worth It?

Is paying out for private tutoring worth it?

When considering private tutoring, one thing that may make you think twice is the extra money you will need to pay out. You send your child to school so why should you have to fork out more cash to make sure they do the best they can during their examinations?

One difficulty in ensuring children reach their full potential is the class size. Even the best teacher would not be able to provide individual support to all of the students in a twenty-person class. Through the use of a private tutor, you are able to ensure they are receiving one-to-one assistance and any of their confusions are being addressed.

An account from a private tutor, published by The Guardian, tells of the importance of this extra education. He states that the ‘rapidly increasing band of private tutors in the capital will be enhancing the result’ of school-age students. He believes that it is only through the additional tutoring hours that many students were able to achieve the upper-end of grades and attend the UK’s highest regarded universities.

Three reasons to hire a tutor

1. It will broaden your child’s education

By hiring a tutor, you are effectively guaranteeing that your child will receive a more well-rounded education experience. Rather than solely teaching from the curriculum, a good tutor would be able to give additional knowledge that they think will be useful to them (without overloading them).

While a lot of the education system works on the basis of separating subjects and ideas into neat boxes, a tutor will be able to broaden the minds of their students by introducing them to interlinked concepts.

2. Offers personalised support

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a private tutor is the one-to-one and personalised support they can offer. During the lessons, their only priority will be your child’s education and ensuring they understand all areas of the subject.

A great tutor is an individual who will invest time in your child’s educational development and will hopefully teach them a host of new skills. They will act as another positive role model in their lives.

3. Can help during exam season

The role of a tutor is not to just bombard your child with knowledge to pass exams. They are there to ensure they truly understand the subject and will be able to work out the answer to any questions their exams may throw at them. A good tutor usually means that their students will pick up extra marks in tests that they may have otherwise missed, and could mean the difference between grades.

Experienced tutors will have hundreds upon hundred of hours that they have spent teaching. From this, they would have picked up numerous techniques and skills for teaching students. They will have a wealth of resources they could bring or suggest to parents that will bring about further understanding for the students. A great tutor will also have a network of other educational professionals they can put forward if parents ever need further advice.

So, if you’re considering whether hiring a tutor will be worth it for you and your child, take into account these positive aspects.